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Ocean Farm Services operates as a one-stop-shop for all Vessel Services required for any Salmon Farm in Scotland, covering their every need.

Ocean Farm Services are fully equipped with vessels, equipment and qualified experienced local crews, capable of covering all vessel services required, from setting up a new Site all the way through to Harvest, ready for the Farm starting all over again for the next generation of Smolts.

With the future of salmon farms in Norway being forced to come up with innovative concepts to introduce large offshore farms to cope with the world’s growing demands of salmon as a food source, it wont be long until Scotland’s farms follow suit, as the inshore coastal areas are being utilised already. Therefore, we feel for us to be in a position to cover and assist this growth going offshore, and with inshore cages and nets becoming larger all the time, larger vessels and more innovative technologies will inevitably be required, so by combining our two existing companies and experience, we’ll be in a much stronger position to move forward along with the industry and be able to compete against the large Norwegian service companies.

Our Team

Ocean Farm Services experienced team are conscientious, hard working and determined, understanding each team member’s strengths and capabilities. Each of our employees have applicable qualifications and skills for the aquaculture industry. We have a collective drive and determination to improve aquaculture services around Shetland, Orkney and further afield. Ocean Farm Services’s innovative ideas and modernised equipment will provide long-term benefits to you and the aquaculture industry for years to come.


Ocean Farm Services is a relatively new company, established in 2020, which was formed as part of a strategic merger of two experienced Shetland-based aquaculture companies, Aurora Marine Ltd. and North Isles Marine Ltd.

Aurora Marine, established in 2011 was run by husband and wife team Colin and Valerie Leask along with a team of professional staff experienced in ROV net washing and Site Service works. North Isles Marine, established in 2008, was also run by a husband and wife team, Gilbert and Marianne Clark, providing Live-Fish transport services for the aquaculture industry throughout Scotland.

The merging of these companies combines forces to provide a stronger, broader Vessel Service to serve Scotland’s growing Aquaculture industry. Based in Shetland, Ocean Farm Services now have vessels on contract in Shetland, Orkney, West Coast of Scotland and Norway.